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Annals of Wine Marketing #3 - Tiny's Vino Keeno

Tiny Freeman was a big man. Anyone who's nickname is "Tiny" is pretty much guaranteed to be big. At 5 foot 18 inches he filled the bill - and he had a larger than life personality. A genuine character of the Seattle scene, he had a flair for doing the freaky and outrageous. He ran as the Republican congressional candidate (no real Republican bothered to register as a candidate - and he was no real Republican) in 1972. One of his planks was a muscatel maintenance program for the local street drunks. His campaign headquarters was the Central Tavern, one of Seattle's oldest watering holes, where he plotted his political career over pitchers of beer. He lost.

He was a regular face on the Pioneer Square scene, working at clubs and bars. Had a radio show on the ur-indie station, KRAB. Hippies and punks called him friend. He worked railroads, tugboats and drove big rigs. And he put his name on a wine - Tiny's Vino Keeno.

These were the days of Annie Green Springs and C…

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