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Wineries to Watch: Pearl and Stone

A new generation of winemakers ismaking its mark on the Washington wine landscape. Between garagistas in Seattle, Spokane, Yakima and Walla Walla and young upstarts in new AVAs, like Ancient Lakes and Lewis-Clark Valley, a host of fresh ideas and approaches are being tried - and most importantly, great wines are being produced.

If one common vine runs through this ferment, it's that this seeming revolution is grafted onto tradition. Not just the old tradition of making wine, but a new tradition that Washington winemakers are in the act of creating, right here, right now. It's been just a little more than 50 years sinceWashington planted the seeds of its contemporary viticulture. And it's borne fruit  - and gallons upon gallons of wine - with now over 900 wineries in the state adding to this heady blend of discovery and innovation.

Among the more interesting wineries contributing to this mix is Pearl and Stone. A trio of Snoqualmie Valley friends, Rob Wesorick, Paul Ribary, a…

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