Loli Gagging

Yesterday was a fine, shining Sunday so we headed down to Yoyogi Park. The sakura blossoms had all blown away in the recent high winds but there was plenty more going on to catch the eye. To our delight, it was Wan Wan Festival weekend! We stumbled across this food and fashion extravaganza for dogs and their owners a few years ago and were pleased to see it was as well-attended as ever. Overalls seem to be what the well-dressed bow wow is wearing this season, and whippets appear to be giving French bulldogs a run for their money as this year's "hot" dog. We missed the talent show - last time I think it was won by a standard poodle doing an interpretive dance to the tune of the Toreador song from "Carmen."

But there was yet more cuteness to come. Hundreds of Lolitas were hanging out in the forecourt of the National Yoyogi Stadium, many of them clutching stuffed animals as complements to their kawaii outfits. Seems they were gathered there for a SID concert, part of the "SID 2011 Deadstock World Tour." Rock on, SID.


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