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Fearless Garnatxa

Luis Moya Tortosa describes himself as a nomad. He wanders the landscape of Navarra and Rioja Oriental (formerly Rioja Baja) in search of ancient and forgotten vines, sun-warmed and perfect terriors to produce a set of intriguing Garnatxas. He's one of the pioneers of contemporary Iberian winemakers who are looking at their local landscapes and saying, "why not make great wines here and now." For a nomad, he actually is keeping pretty local. And for a nomad, he also seems to be putting down some serious roots. But that's OK. He makes great wines.

He hit with a trio of wines, Masusta, Urbanita, and Kimera. Masusta (euskara for blackberry), named for the big bush that dominates a vineyard of 60-year-old Garnacha vines, speaks to a spicy, yet elegant extraction of great fruits. Urbanita, is a white, with ever-changing grapes as the vintages progess. Kimera comes from another old vineyard, this one in San Martín de Unx. This Garnatxa goes through malolactic fermentation in clay jars, creating a rich and heady experience.

Since, he has been making a wonderful array of wines, highlighting mainly Garnatxa, bringing the appropriate techniques and styles of winemaking to highlight, not only his own mastery, but the very distinctive terroirs of a largely overlooked region, Navarra. It's in places like this where the new nomads of Spanish wine are making their marks and making great wine.

Here's a link to his website.

And here's an old drinking song from Nafarroa to sing when quaffing his wine.

Arno hun hun huntarik dugun edan alegerarik
hordi beldurragatik edan gogotik,
hordi beldurragatik edan gogotik.
Mintzaldi erranez eta zerbait yanez,
edariz beirea betez atseginik bonbila hustez
noiz helduren gituzun bertze aldi batez,
noiz helduren gituzun bertze aldi batez.

We're happy to drink this great wine
drinking heartily without fear,
drinking heartily without fear.
Giving speeches and eating everything,
filling the glass and emptying the bottle
when we get together for a while,
when we get together for a while.

Here's a link to the melody.


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